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We're Apotheosis, and we're thrilled to see you.

What Is Apotheosis?

Apotheosis is a group numbered over a dozen, headquartered in Etna, Oregon.* We've got a long history and a steady reputation in the area.

As a group, Apotheosis is dedicated towards one main ideal -- Perfection. Each member of ours has their own unique title, symbolizing a craft or ideal that the member seeks to master. Apotheosis offers guidance and resources to help members achieve their goals.

Externally, Apotheosis provides consultation and direct assistance with any matters related to The Dream.

Wait, What's The Dream?

If you're not aware of what the Dream is, you're likely a passerby or a hopeful recruit. In that case, the Dream will be explained more in-depth on our History page.

With that said -- The Dream is, quite simply, a dream. One massive, perpetual dream that anyone can access, with the right abilities, tools, or methods. The Dream is a reflection of our reality. It's influenced by ideas or stories from Earth.

The Dream is a wonder, and Apotheosis has historically used it for our benefit. Unfortunately, however, the Dream can also have negative repercussions, both on someone's mental health and in a more direct physical manner. Certain individuals we've come into contact with have tried to use the Dream for personal gain at the expense of others before.

If you're a victim of any such individuals, head over to the Contact page. We're here to help.

If you're interested in joining Apotheosis, finding perfection for yourself, and helping us to stop bad actors -- keep reading. Familiarize yourself with our Members. Read up on our History.

And when you've done all that? Head to our current online base of operations, meet our Outreach staff, and join in.

Welcome to Apotheosis.